Far Behind The Sun – The young, instrumental postrock band from Kempten (Germany) consists of 4 musicians. Their sound reels in the audience from their daily routine and takes them on an extraordinary listening experience. The band’s songwriting is characterized by various musical components, such as impelling and complex rhythms, harmonic and melancholy melodies, atmospheric sound surfaces, and intense metal elements. This diverse arrangement inspires the audience to dream, to meditate and to lose themselves in the “here and now”. At the same time it incites to headbang and shoegaze, as insiders of the genre would put it. The band’s light show formidably accentuates the auditory ambience, and thus makes an attendance of FTBS’s live show definitely worthwhile.

Since 2015, the band’s first Album has thrilled more and more fans who have supported numerously a successful crowd-funding project and thus have made possible the second album (Released 17.11.17).

In December 2018 the record label “Snow Wave Records” heard them on youtube and so a new album will be released by them soon.

At this point, a brief presentation of the band members :